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John Bonosoro
, Founder

A.B.D., United States International University. M.B.A. National University. B.A. Pepperdine University. Experienced in general management, sales and marketing management, human resource management.

The outstanding feature of John’s career is diversity of experience.  His first professional stop was with the United Stated Marines, where he rose from Private to Captain while serving in units as different as the Naval Security Group and a tank battalion.  He spent 15 years in private industry, starting in human resources at Ethicon, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson Company) and ending as Group Vice President for Sales and Marketing for a publicly owned manufacturing firm.  The many roles he has filled and the variation in the types of organizations in which he performed those roles enables John to have common ground with almost any working professional.

He started consulting over ten years ago and at the same time began teaching what he practices at Webster University, where he teaches leadership, marketing, and staffing in the Masters and M.B.A. programs.

In addition to teaching, John is the Business Correspondent and occasional program host for KOCT Television.

The military, industry, consulting, teaching, and media work all combine to create an uncommon package of experience that is now used to benefit his clients.

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Speaking & Consulting

Most projects start with a one-hour meeting to determine how TAW may best assist your organization.  At that time, we will work together to create a process that will meet your unique needs.  In some cases, we will be able commit to a specific solution.  In more complicated situations, and/or where there is not good clarity concerning what needs to be done, the first phase of a multi-phase process will be agreed upon.

In any event, you will know exactly what is being recommended, what it will cost, and what the timeline will be.  Selected activities are:

Executive Coaching
Meeting Facilitation
Organizational Structure Review
Professional training, singly or in groups

Presentations are always customized to each situation: Selected general topics are:

Leading Today
Staffing for Success
Organizing for Profit
Delegating the Right Way
Creating More Time
Effective Communication
Delighting Customers